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Denholms and C E Edwards are Hiring

The  ‘Partnership for Performance’ approach adopted and driven by Denholm’s and C E Edwards is delivering again with a new order for 9 Pump Cases and mating End Covers for one of our customers in France.

As with similar work won over recent months, this project has come about through partnership between Denholms and C E Edwards and a UK foundry who produce the pump castings which are then shipped direct to C E Edwards in Stoke on Trent and Denholm’s in Liverpool for machining before being sent on to the customer in France for assembly into the finished pumps.

With individual pump sets weighing around 2000KG, efficient logistics can have a significant impact on overall costs.

Part of the 2 Tonne Pump Set machined by Denholm's and C E Edwards

Part of the 2 Tonne Pump Set machined by
Denholm’s and C E Edwards


Historically, pump manufacturers took direct responsibility to manage every stage of pump case manufacture, organising logistics for raw castings to be shipped from the foundry where they were produced to specialist engineering subcontractors for machining and then would manage shipment of the parts into their own site.

Inevitably, this process took considerable resources from the manufacturer and it was because of this that C E Edwards and Denholm’s  recognised that by developing a partnership with a major foundry, they could offer an ‘end-to-end’ service to deliver fully machined castings direct to the French manufacturer ready for finishing and final assembly.

Naturally this approach offers significant benefit to the manufacturer with inter-company logistics being handled directly by Denholm’s, C E Edwards and their foundry partner

The service is proving very popular with a number of customers and this latest order is the most recent in a number of new business ‘wins’ we have seen since the ‘Partnership for Performance‘ programme was introduced.

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