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Denholms and C E Edwards are Hiring

Value Engineering from Denholms and C E EdwardsOur approach to value engineering is about looking beyond one immediate job in component replacement or similar to assess the bigger picture and identify the points in the process where quality and efficiency might be boosted and money saved.

We are excited to see an ever-growing number of clients enjoying tangible benefits from this approach to performance improvement.

Good value

Improvements in production process and cost reductions are all being attributed to input from the teams at both Denholms and C E Edwards, drawn from decades of industry experience combined with the very latest equipment and techniques.

We believe no one is better placed to do this in reality, and want clients to take full advantage of the knowledge and understanding, backed up by state-of-the-art technology, that we can offer.

Open to change

Denholm, Rees and O’Donnell and C E Edwards are in an unrivalled position to deliver so much more than traditional sub-contract engineers, but fear that in some cases clients are missing out on the opportunity to tap into that expertise. The pervasive ‘if it ain’t broke’ mentality can be responsible for preventing companies from being open to change and considering alternatives or replacements that aren’t a 100 percent necessity, but Denholms and C E Edwards have seen again and again first-hand the startling difference that even apparently tiny changes can make.

This is particularly true within long-established sectors where specifications that may have produced optimum results at the time they were set may no longer offer the best or most cost-effective answer.

Modern materials can deliver immediate performance improvement and cost reduction over materials available when the original specification was laid down.

Accurate answers

The engineers at Denholms and C E Edwards seek to overcome internal resistance or obstacles to any change by presenting in the clearest and most exact way possible the benefits of a switch to new materials or alternative components, whether in carefully calculated cost reductions or improved quality or productivity.

Whatever the circumstances, they have all the tools at their disposal to supply clients with the information to allow them to make the right decisions for their own companies, based on the most accurate, up-to-date facts and figures, tailored individually to the specific factors affecting their operation.

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